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Alien Moon Base

This is one of those cases where the image isn't the hoax, it's the way it is presented. I found the top image on the left with an article on the Disclose.TV website. The article is titled "Alien base on the moon in detail, clear UFO photos released by NASA."

The title itself is misleading because it makes the reader think this photo of a UFO base came from NASA. In fact, the photo does originally come from NASA, but it's not a UFO base. The photo is of the Command Service Module (CSM) in orbit around the moon, high above Mare Senitatis.

The article provides the link to the NASA image AS15-87-11697 from the Apollo Image Atlas on the Lunar and Planetary Institute website. If you don't know what you are looking at, and have the seed of a hoax given to you, it certainly could look like an alien base of some kind.

However, the article doesn't follow up on this image. It goes on to talk about a bunch of other stuff that has no relation to the image.

When I saw the picture, my spidey-sense started tingling. I knew that it looked familiar. I went to the Apollo Image Atlas on the LPI website and looked at the other images in the same sequence. Tah Dah!

The image is of the CSM. If you look at AS15-87-11695, AS15-87-11696, and AS15-87-11698; then you can see that his is indeed the CSM. Additionally, in each image, the background changes as the angle between camera in the Lunar Lander and the CSM changes.

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