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Mars Ancient Ruins

I came across this one in a Youtube video from the channel "Art Alien TV - Mars Zoo". The title of the video is "Mars ancient structure ruins? Alien underground entrance?"  Another channel posted a video on it titled "Smoking gun, Ancient constructions on Mars UPDATE"

I have to admit, when I first saw this, they almost had me. If you look at that image on the left, it definitely DOES look like a structure made by hands, not by nature. Not willing to accept some Youtube video as gospel, I decided to do some digging. In fact, I went right to the source. I contacted the University of Arizona directly.

These HiRise image come from the University of Arizona website. Unfortunately, these people are looking at the normal web images, not the downloaded hi-res images. The image above is taken from PSP_009760_2650_RED.NOMAP.JP2 which can be found here:

The contact that I made at the University of Arizona passed on my request for information to the planetary scientists team. This was the response:

As this is in the polar region, the contraction of subsurface ice (due to warming up and then cooling during the winter) can alter the terrain, much as one can see polygonal features caused by the same process. Mars is geologically inactive, unlike Earth, so the landscape takes much, much, much, much longer to change. There are also plenty of circular features on Mars that will eventually erode away. This one is a particular favorite:

Nature can very much produce streamlined forms, especially on Mars. We wrote a caption about one recently, as a matter of fact:

You can download HiView to view the full resolution images in the JP2 format, which makes for a far more interesting view of Mars:

And by the way, we are the University of Arizona, not Arizona State University.

Thank you for writing and thank you for your interest in HiRISE.


HiRISE Media
The University of Arizona

I downloaded the HiView software and had a proper look at the image. Once I saw the image properly, looking closely, you can see that what appears man-made in the low res images looks nature made in the hi-res images.

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