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alien moon base

Presented as an alien base on the moon, this is actually the CSM from an Apollo mission.

mars ancient ruins

A very convincing misunderstanding. This looks at first glance like an alien structure/ruins on Mars. However, once investigated properly, you can see it is a natural geological formation.

mcpherson tape

This movie has fooled many people, including so-called "experts". It's actually just a movie. Links to IMDB and the original version included on this page.

planet behind saturn

Blatant tomfoolery from SecureTeam10

new stealth tr-38

Some CGI work from Thirdphaseofthemoon irresponsibly passed off as a real sighting.

alien attacks police officer

This clip was originally created as a promo spot for "The 4400". Now it's being used by some as a scare-mongering tactic for evil forces.

levitating car in china

Passed off as a levitating car by Secureteam10. However, the explanation for what really happened was posted the exact same day.

Shuttle attacked by aliens

Many people are passing off a guy's 2D CGI work as something horrible. The guy who created the video posted it, and told everyone how he made it. It's one of many in his collection of amateur, though well done, CGI videos.
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